Android Dev Camp – it’s a wrap…

(Apologies for getting around to posting this a bit late).

We finished up the Android Dev Camp on Sunday evening. At the end of the event, all the folks who participated talked about what they had done throughout the weekend, what problems they had and what they managed to get working.

Unfortunately, we had an issue that for a couple of the teams, the person who proposed the project was unable to attend on Sunday – this meant that two teams had lost leadership (and a body to get things working!) and hence found it difficult to produce something interesting. Next time, we’ll have to ensure that only people who are around for the entire weekend can lead a team.

The most significant outcome of the event was probably Eoin’s work on the Hit The Road app. While the service works reasonably well on mobile web clients, the guys thought that a native variant could be a bit tidier and hence Eoin spent some energy getting this going. A beta version of the app which you can play with is here (feedback to – the production version should be in the market in a few weeks.

I was working on another project which was fun and interesting (to me at least), so I’ll make a short comment on it. The objective was to develop an application which can use the accelerometer combined with audio input to determine if someone is dancing in time to music. Initially, I was working on this alone, focused on accelerometer input, but then Noel King bailed in and looked at some of the audio and UI issues. It’s very easy to work with the accelerometer; the challenge was in parsing the accelerometer data to obtain a rhythm, which we did not solve. We did use autocorrelation of the amplitude of the accelerometer vector, but this did not prove so accurate. We also did some analysis of music to determine how rhythm varies in music – it turns out it varies quite a lot. However, some songs have minimal variation in rhythm and were considered good candidates to work with in this context: we focused on this classic as research shows that has a very stable number of beats per minute (BPMs).

Overall, we did not engage very much with the Global Android Dev Camp – the benefit of this was not clear to us, save to ‘force’ us to have an Android focused event at this time. Next year, however, we may make more of an effort to be more integrated into that picture.


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