January 2012 GTUG Meet

We took our first month off in a year and a half last month (December) and we’re back with a vengeance now.

We had two excellent talks during our January meet. First up, Steve Collins from Swrve gave a great talk on how they see the games industry evolving and how there are new opportunities for tools which provide much greater insight into how gamers behave within the game. Steve described the system Swrve is developing which enables a game developer to perform A/B testing within the game to determine how gamers react to different situations which may arise. The main use of the system is to enable gameplay to be improved by enabling the game developer to test different situations/context/scenarios and determine which are most engaging to the gamers. Importantly, this can also help stimulate increased monetization from the game. [Steve’s slides to be linked to.]

After Steve, Alex O’Connor from TCD gave a talk on linked data and the semantic web. Alex discussed the web today, noting that the original design did not provide good support for search, indexing, bidirectional linkage of data, etc. Further, the emphasis in the design was much more on presentation of information for human consumption, rather than structuring the information to facilitate advanced reasoning and inferences by machines. Alex discussed the so-called web of facts in which subjects and predicates are linked by relations and how wikipedia in particular is an excellent source for building this web. This can be used to perform much more complex information searches than current tools and system provide. Finally, Alex noted that there is still much to do in the semantic web, including dealing with conflicting information, opinion, evolving contexts, etc. [Slides here].

The video of this session should be on the

The next talk session will be on February 28th: we’ll have Trevor Parsons of LogEntries talking about how they built LogEntries and Paul Philips of scrazzl talking about scrazzl’s text extraction technology. More information soon.


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