October 2011 GTUG Meet

The October meeting was a little less intense than some of our previous meets. There were two items on the agenda, both talks: one was a longer talk focused on Go and the other was a shorter talk describing an application.

Balazs Lecz, a Google SRE, gave a talk on Go. Balazs gave a very nice talk covering the motivation for the language, the key features of the language and covered some of the tools. Balazs talked about the interface features (and divergence from classical object oriented thinking), functions as first class objects and the concurrency features. Following the talk there was quite a lengthy Q&A session which reflected the level of interest in the audience. Questions were asked about the efficiency of the language – it generates code which executes in 1-2x times C/C++ code – and the main benefits of the language – there is no single big advantage to Go; rather quite a few smaller ones, which in aggregate make it a reasonably compelling proposition. [Slides here].

Following Balazs’ talk, Conor Gallagher gave a talk on a web based python IDE he’s working on for a Master’s project. The project focused on how to build an easy to use web-based IDE for python appengine projects – the objective was to support github integration as well as easy appengine deployment. One interesting aspect of the project was the range of technologies he used to construct it: GWT and the Javascript EditArea editor for the frontend, Tomcat for the backend (hosted on EC2), JGit for github integration and used the python appengine deploy scripts for pushing to GAE. The project is not complete yet and needs to be augmented with lots of extra functions to be a real working system, but it is not so far from being a simple teaching tool right now. (Disclaimer: I’m involved in supervising this project!). [Slides here].

There were a few notices of future events. [Slides here].

The video for this session should be on the channel real soon now. Will update this with link when ready.

Next meeting on Nov 29th will have a panel session entitled ‘Battle of the Backends’ in which we will have a religious war over Ruby on Rails, Python (and its various web frameworks) and node.js – it should be good fun.


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3 Responses to October 2011 GTUG Meet

  1. Jos says:

    Great stuff guys, looking forward to that panel!

    Any chance you could share your node.js contacts? We would love to have them presenting at a @dublinjs session.


  2. Yep – will follow up via twitter DM…

  3. Brian Henry says:

    Damn, I read “Python IDE” and assumed GWT was off the table.

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