September 2011 GTUG Meet

The September 2011 meet was comprised of three talks.

First up, Kenneth Macleod gave a presentation on appengine with a specific focus on the new pricing and how it impacts app design and development. Kenneth gave examples of how poor design can lead to significant increases in cost and some tips on best practice to minimize costs. As this is quite virgin territory in the sense that there is minimal expertise in optimizing applications for the new pricing scheme (in appengine), these pointers should prove valuable. [Link to slides].

After Kenneth, Pawel Kowalski described a whiteboard app that he was involved in building at the HTML5 hackathon. The initial idea was to use websockets to realize a kind of peer-to-peer whiteboard, but this proved impossible. Instead, the team built a server based system in which the clients communicated over websockets to the server. Pawel did describe a couple of different ways to use websockets and noted that the library was very powerful and very easy to use. [Link to slides].

Finally, I gave a talk on the project we tried to execute during the hackathon. The project idea was initially to try to get some dropbox like client working off Google Storage in a browser and leveraging the HTML5 Filesystem API. However, this proved impossible for a number of reasons and the scope was relaxed considerably. At the end, we didn’t get much working, but we did learn that the Filesystem API is still very raw (eg, we had to start Chrome with the <tt>unlimited-quota-for-files</tt> flag to get it working) and that Google Storage has considerable complexity which was not apparent, mainly due to sophisticated access control. [Link to slides].

October’s meet will have a Go focus.

[Video Content on Jean’s Youtube Channel right now.]


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