June 2011 GTUG meet

Another great Dublin GTUG event took place last night. Over 100 people turned up for our HTML5 session. The session comprised of 3 great talks, two of which had a strong HTML5 focus and one more generally talking about how to design for the mobile web.

Ilmari Heikkinen took the floor first: he gave a talk which was divided into two sections – first, he gave an overview of the (amazingly large!) set of new features that HTML5 provides and then he talked about some image processing he had done in HTML5 using both the basic canvas and more advanced WebGL. The effects he was able to produce within the browser were very impressive indeed, really demonstrating that the browser can be the platform for even the most advanced video-hungry performance applications. [Link to content].

Next up, Neil Turner gave a talk on his experience putting together HTML5 sites. Neil’s talk complemented Ilmari’s very well, as he cfocused on the problems that developers have to deal with when working with a platform defined over heterogeneous browsers which are constantly evolving. Neil covered the tools and tricks he uses to deal with issues such as multi-browser support, different form factor devices, etc. Neil described how things like Modernizr, HTML5 Boilerplate and mediaqueri.es can make it easier to produce attractive and robust web experiences. [Link to content].


Finally, Josh Holmes shifted the emphasis to designing for web mobile. Josh surveyed a number of different websites pointing out assumptions that were implicitly made in their design, but can break when accessed via mobile (eg no mouse interaction). Josh also pointed out the importance of context on the mobile device and how the application designers need to put themselves in the mind of the user to deliver them the information they need as easily as possible to provide good user experiences on mobile. [Link to content].

All in all, the session was thoroughly enjoyable and we hope to use the knowledge learnt during this session in a HTML5 focused hackathon most probably in August.

Next month, we’re gonna shake it up a bit by changing the format a bit: as usual, we’ll have a talk – this time on the Google Prediction API and Google Storage API given by Martin Omander who’s going to make the trip all the way from sunny Mountain View. This will be followed by a panel discussion on hackerspaces and the formal education system, which should be some fun. It’s on Tuesday July 26th in Barrow St.

Follow us on twitter or sign up to the group for more info.

Some interesting links from the event:

Thanks as usual to Jean and Sérgio for hosting.

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