March 2011 Dublin GTUG meet

The March 2011 Dublin GTUG met on Tues 29th March. There were two topics of discussion, with a further third held in reserve as a back up if there was sufficient time.

First up was Ade Oshineye, Developer Relations from Google UK, who gave a talk entitled ‘Powering the Social Web’. Ade gave a comprehensive overview of some key technologies which underpin the social web and described what Google are doing in this space to enhance and promote these technologies. Most of the discussion was somehow couched in the context of Buzz, although there was not so much emphasis on Buzz. Ade then went on to explain a new initiative which Google are promoting which is intended to make the life of the developer easier – they are working on a initiative entitled #devexp which is trying to do for developers what the user experience community has been doing for users of technology. A key objective is to enable developers to be productive with a tool 15 mins after ‘taking it out of the box.’ One concrete way they are evolving this is to make it very easy to produce multiple libraries to a single web interface – thus, they will be able to publish a web API and it will be very easy to have a Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, whatever takes your fancy, interface to it. [Link to Ade’s slides].

Robert Shaw from Zapa Technologies took the floor next. Robert talked about NFC technology in general and what Zapa has been doing with the technology in particular. Robert went through the technology stack that comprises NFC and described how it is possible to interact with it. He noted that published Android APIs afford little access to key NFC functions and is exploring if it is possible to do more with unpublished APIs. [Link to Robert’s slides].

The third talk was dropped as there was a lot of interest in the first two and we felt it best to let this discussion evolve.

A few announcements on upcoming events followed and then some of the folks retired to a local hostelry.

Next meet is the Android hackathon in mid April, followed by the streaming of Google IO in May.


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